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Usually many small businesses install additional cabling when required, this can result in hazardous cabling which is hard to trace and usually unlabeled.

Structured cabling provides a planned infrastructure in your building. Our team can ensure that your network cabling and IT infrastructure are future-proofed to support your longer-term goals.

There are several benefits of using a wired network cable over a wireless (WiFi) connection:

  1. Reliability: Wired connections are more reliable and provide a stable, consistent connection that is less susceptible to interference and less likely to drop signals.

  2. Speed: Wired connections offer faster data transfer speeds and are better suited for demanding tasks such as large file transfers and streaming high-definition video.

  3. Security: Wired connections are less vulnerable to security risks and hacking attempts compared to wireless networks. Physical access to the cable is required to tap into the network, making it much more difficult for malicious actors to gain unauthorized access.

  4. Consistency: Wired connections offer a consistent level of performance, regardless of the number of connected devices. With WiFi, the number of connected devices can impact the network’s performance and result in slower speeds.

  5. Reduced Interference: Wired connections are not affected by other electronic devices in the area, such as microwaves and other WiFi networks, which can cause interference and reduce the quality of the connection.

In conclusion, while WiFi is convenient and offers mobility, a wired connection provides better reliability, speed, security, consistency, and reduced interference.

Managed IT Support Services

We supply structured cabling services to organisations of all sizes by employing highly qualified and experienced network cabling design consultants, installation engineers and project managers.

Our services cover a large range of IT and telecommunication cabling, from network points in the office to multi-site

Wi-Fi Networks

Business Grade Wi-Fi Solutions

Our managed Wi-Fi solutions are ideal for businesses looking to enhance their wireless connectivity, with secure options for all your internal and guest into fast, secure and provides optimal coverage and user performance, with full scalability from several to thousands of users.

Managed WiFi is an outsourced wireless network that allows residents, guests, or customers to connect to the Internet via multiple access points throughout a building, ensuring property-wide access. It’s a cloud-based technology, meaning that we manage, control, and troubleshoot a business or property’s Wi-Fi remotely, removing the need for an on-site IT department to manage a building’s Wi-Fi network.

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