Managed IT Support Services

Our expert IT team has over 40 years combined experience providing managed IT Support and IT Services. We specialise in IT & communications for small and medium businesses based in the Midlands areas. 

Here are some benefits of our managed IT support:

Managed IT Support Services
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
Managed IT Support

24/7 Pro-Active Remote Monitoring

At Blackwood IT we use advanced software that monitors your entire IT network 24/7. This helps us keep your network healthy by alerting us to possible hardware failures and software issues before they happen. Once an alert has been triggered, we will pro-actively take steps to remedy the issue(s).

We monitor the following aspects of your network:

· Servers
· PCs, Laptops
· Printers
· Operating systems
· Anti-Virus software
· Automated Backup Software
· Hard Drive Health
· External Device Health (USB pen, USB hard drives)
· Security Warnings
· Windows Updates
· Event Log
· Switches / Firewalls and other networking equipment
· Spam detection (both in and outbound)
· Network speed
Computer performance (RAM, CPU, HDD usage, operating temperatures etc.)

For more information see 24/7 Remote Monitoring

Contracted Response Times (SLA)

Time is money. If your business is suffering from IT issues staff productivity will be heavily impacted. Our managed IT support customers benefit from fast response times for both remote and onsite support services.

Our target response times defined in our SLAs are as follows:

· 2 Working hours for remote support
· 4 Working hours for onsite support (distance permitting)

This ensures that IT problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently, allowing your staff members to continue working.

 8am-6pm / Mon-Fri

(excludes bank holidays)


Unlimited Remote & Onsite Support

Our managed IT support customers have unlimited access to our technical team, Mon-Fri / 8am-6pm (excludes bank holidays). If you require remote, or onsite support, Blackwood IT will be there to assist you.

Parts and Labour are Included

Computer components fail from time to time – more often than we’d life. These can be costly to replace, and they will usually require a technician to install / configure them.

Our managed IT support customers don’t have to worry about these issues. Parts and labour are included in our service.

This also helps with the worries you might have about computer / IT hardware going out of it’s warranty period. We’re better than a warranty.

Managed IT Support Services

Save Time and Money

When we become your IT team, you will sometimes need us to assist with other suppliers. Perhaps you have a printing company that needs a statically assigned IP address.

Maybe you are purchasing new software and the software company needs to help to integrate into your current systems. We pride ourselves on offering a premium service, we will be there to help.


Quarterly Performance Report

Our managed IT support customers receive a quarterly performance report. This gives you a clear overview of how your systems, and how we are performing.

Our reports contain at least the following information:
· Amount of support tickets raised
· Amount of support tickets dealt with
· Average response time of tickets
· Average time to resolve a ticket
· Advisories


Clients can also request alterations to the reporting period and the information contained.

40 Years of Combined Experience

You’re in safe hands with Blackwood IT. We have worked at a very high level in the IT and communications industries for all our adult lives. You can rest assured, we are the real experts.

We are highly experienced in designing, installing and maintaining your entire network infrastructure.

Managed IT Support Services

General Help and Support

IT Support isn’t just fixing problems, it’s having a team of experts ready to help you. Perhaps you can’t remember which formula to use on Excel, or maybe you’re having trouble attaching a large file to an E-mail.


Don’t waste time trying to figure it out alone. Our team are ready and waiting to help you.

Save Money, Save Time

More Cost Effective than Employing an Inhouse IT Technician

A fully qualified IT technician will expect an annual salary of £30,000 – £50,000. A managed IT support contract from Blackwood IT will be significantly less than that for small and medium sized businesses. The cost savings are amazing, however there are other (arguably more important) benefits to using our managed IT services too:

· An onsite IT technician will need holidays. We are open 9-5 / Mon-Fri, all year round (excludes bank holidays). You won’t have 25+ days per year when you don’t have IT support.

· Our managed IT support customers have access to an entire team of IT & communications specialists, rather than a single person.

· Our managed IT support also includes parts. An inhouse IT technician won’t provide their own parts.

We are easy to deal with

Our contracted customers are assigned a dedicated account manager and a dedicated technician who will both know your network inside and out

We all know how stressful it can be to get in touch with a faceless company. You can get passed around from one department to another, finally to speak to someone you’ve never spoken to before. Our managed IT support customers are assigned a dedicated account manager, and a dedicated technician. We build a strong working relationship with our customers, and we pride ourselves on providing a premium, friendly service.