Managed Cyber Security Services

In a hyperconnected world where cyber attackers seek to do harm 24×7 and organisations face unpredictable risks, your business needs to be built for resilience with cyber security services.

Cyber Security ​

How We Keep Your Business Safe​

All our managed IT support clients benefit from our cyber security services as standard, this includes:

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Extended threat detection, focused investigation, and effective response.

Safe Web Browsing

Using one of the world’s leading content filtering databases.

Managed Firewall

Keeping your business is safe from intruders and hackers.

Advanced Email Threat Protection

Protect all your email communications against phishing and spoofing.

Patch Management

Removing vulnerabilities and close security gaps quickly with automated patch management.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Keeping your email, Sharepoint, Teams data safe.

Offsite Server Backup

Automatically backing up your servers offsite.

Cyber Security ​

Cyber Security Services​​

Cyber Security Services for small businesses offer vital protection against the growing threat of cyber attacks. These services encompass a range of solutions tailored to the unique needs and budget constraints of small enterprises, including threat detection, network security, data encryption, and employee training.

By investing in Cyber Security Services, small businesses can mitigate risks, safeguard sensitive information, and maintain the trust of their customers, ultimately fostering a secure and resilient digital environment for sustainable growth.

Additional Cyber Security Services

For businesses that need extra security, we offer the following additional cyber security services:

Securely store passwords for online accounts

Security Awareness Training

 Security training and phishing simulation ensuring your staff are the first line of defense

DMARC Email Authentication

Keep a continuous eye on the deep and dark web

Penetration Testing & Assessments

Identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your security measures

Removing vulnerabilities and close security gaps quickly with automated patch management.

Our Cyber Security Partners

Cyber Essentials

We can also help you to become Cyber Essentials accredited. Cyber Essentials allows businesses to maintain year-round compliance with the Cyber Essentials framework.

Cyber Security ​
Cyber Security ​

Cyber Essentials certification is an affordable, simple-to-implement baseline cybersecurity strategy for businesses to protect themselves against a wide range of cyberattacks. As a government-backed scheme, it is not only acknowledged as a reputable cybersecurity certification, but it may also be required for some government contracts. That demonstrates how effective, beneficial, and valuable this credential is.

It outlines all of the steps you should take to lower your chances of becoming a victim of a successful attack. Consider it a MOT for your cybersecurity; it not only keeps you safe, but it also shows other businesses that you take cybersecurity seriously.

Cyber Essentials is more than just an accreditation; it enables small businesses to avoid the dangers and repercussions that come when inadequate cybersecurity measures are in place.

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