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[Solved] How to Crack SharePoint OneNote Password Online

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Forgot OneNote Password?

You might be in a situation where you put a password on a section on OneNote, if password protected it and you have not used it for a while, you may come to access it and not remember the password. We have seen posts on Reddit, but no solution, until now.

If you have an idea of what the password is, i.e. you know it contained the word Orange, Apple and 2 or 3 numbers at the end, you can follow this guide and regain access.

Create the password file

  • Download and install Password Tech
  • Create a wordphrase file containing the words you know are in it, like this:

Select the wordphrase file you create.
Untick include characters
Untick include words
Tick format password and enter:
This will include a word from the wordphrase file and then 2 to 3 numbers.
W = word from wordphrase file
d = numbers 0-9

Test by clicking Generate, if it’s okay then let’s go ahead and make a password list.
Click the blue floppy and designate where you want your password list file to be created.
I chose c:\password tech\pwlist.txt
Enter the number of passwords to generate.
Note there’s 90 2 digit combinations without repetition of numbers 0-9 and 720 3 digit combinations.
AppleOrange{2 digit} – 90, let’s say 100
OrangeApple{2 digit} – 90, let’s say 100
AppleOrange{3 digit} – 720, let’s say 1000
OrangeApple{3 digit} – 720, let’s say 1000

That gives us 2,200 combinations.
Let’s enter 5000 combinations to be on the safe side.
Hit Generate.

Create the brute force script

  • Install AutoHotkey
  • Create a test file called bruteforce.ahk, and put this in it:
DetectHiddenWindows on
DetectHiddenText on

SetKeyDelay 30
Loop, read, C:\IT\appleorange-combos.txt
  TrayTip Now trying:, %A_LoopReadLine%, 1 ;Creates tooltip so we can monitor the progress through wordlist.
  SendRaw %A_LoopReadLine% ;Type the current line into box
  Send {enter} ;Submit this password
  Sleep 300 ;Wait while the password is tried
  WinGetActiveTitle, varRespondingWindow ;Check resulting dialogue (look for 'invalid passphrase' error)
  if ( varRespondingWindow != "Protected Section" ) {
    ;DEBUG - We found the password. (If the window DOESN'T contain the words Protected Section then we cracked it).
	MsgBox % "Password Found: " . A_LoopReadLine
  } else {
    ;DEBUG - It was wrong 

	;This is to exit the script


  1. Open Onenote
  2. Try and open the protected section
  3. Get to the password prompt
  4. Open the script bruteforce.ahk (you will see the icon in the system tray)
    Press Winkey + k
  5. The script will do its thing and start testing the passwords from the password list previously created

To quit the script, press Win + q

This guide will only really be successful if you have an idea of the password you used on OneNote. It will not crack a random password. Please take a look at our other guides and tips.

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