[Solved] How to deploy new teams on RDS Server 2019

Deploying Microsoft Teams on an RDS (Remote Desktop Services) Server 2019 can be a complex task, fraught with potential pitfalls and challenges. If you’re facing issues with the installation, configuration, or performance of Teams on your RDS server, you’re not alone. Let’s dive into the process and get your Teams up and running. Download Teams […]

How to Display All Installed or Active Anti-Viruses

Display All Installed Anti-Virus Is there a command to check if there was is antivirus installed? Yes! Open CMD (as admin) Type the following: Uninstalled Anti-Virus but its still showing? Type Click Connect then type root\SecurityCenter2 then connect Then Click “Enum Instances” Enter superclass name “AntiVirusProduct” then click ok It will show the Installed products […]

IT Support for Small Business

Any business operating in the UK will fail to stay competitive if they ignore technological advancements. For small and similarly medium sized companies, hiring a inhouse team of IT staff does not fit with their budget. When it comes to IT support for small businesses, Blackwood IT offers the best solution. Do we support small […]

[Solved] “More information required” – How to set up 2FA / MFA for Microsoft 365

Upon logging in we get the following message “More information required, your organization needs more information to keep your account secure” Details It can be very frustrating if you cannot sign in to your account. But this is Microsoft MFA (multi-factor authentication) and needs to be enabled as default to prevent unuathurised access to Microsoft […]

[Solved] Cannot display the folder. Outlook cannot access the specified folder location. Could not open the item. Try again.

Outlook says Cannot display folder Encountering an error message like “Cannot display the folder. Outlook cannot access the specified folder location. Could not open the item. Try again.” in Outlook can be frustrating, but there are several troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve it. If you receive the “Cannot display the folder.  Microsoft Outlook […]

Why is my BT bill so high?

Blackwood IT can help business customers across the UK. We focus on providing top class service on both new and existing lines. Your lines can be used for calls, data, broadband and more, so you need a reliable and secure setup. If you are not happy with the level of service from your currently provider […]

[Solved] Cannot print unless an item is selected. Select an item, and try to print again.

When printing from Outlook stopped working after Windows updates. When trying to print, if you get the error “Cannot print unless an item is selected. Select an item , and try to print again.” Details It can be very frustrating if you cannot print from Outlook but can from other applications such as Word and […]

[Solved] APC_INDEX_MISMATCH BSOD when printing

Windows 10 crashes when printing due to Microsoft March updates The Windows 10 Pro KB5000802 cumulative update released yesterday is causing Blue Screen of Death crashes when printing to network printers. Network Printers Some of the printer brands known to be affected, include Kyocera, Ricoh, and Dymo. Using virtual machines that received these updates yesterday, […]

OneDrive file locked with “tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid” message

Location is not available Method One: How to fix the problem with chkdsk Open Admin command prompt: Type chkdsk c: /F /R Press Windows key + r Answer Y, restart and allow disk check Reboot (assumes OneDrive is on C:, if different drive then replace it with your drive letter e.g. D:…) Method Two: Resync […]

How to deploy Office 2019 VLK

Office Deployment Tool If you have a VLK (volume license key) for office 2019, you may be aware that Microsoft no longer makes a .msi installer for you to easily install Office on a machine. If you follow this step by step guide, you can learn how to deploy Office 2019. Deploy Office 2019 Benefits […]