Email Protection

Proofpoint delivers a cost-effective and easy-to-manage medium and small business cybersecurity solution. Essentials is specifically designed for small businesses (SMBs) and protects your organisation from a comprehensive range of advanced security threats by including additional benefits, such as security awareness training, data loss prevention, email continuity, archiving, and social media protection.

Eradicate Spam and Malware from your Email

Secure your network from spam, virus, phishing, ransomware and malware attacks. Proofpoint is based on self-learning technology, which provides continuously updated spam and malware protection. 

Email Protection

What is Email Protection?

Proofpoint is an incredibly accurate, powerful and cost-effective anti-spam solution that securely scans incoming email, via an intelligent central cluster, before it reaches your inbox.

Our cluster scans millions of emails every day and delivers a spam detection accuracy rate of up to 99.98%. 

Detect new spam and malware outbreaks immediately

Proofpoint applies continuous improvements in secure data collection and analyses, instantly detecting new patterns and identifying derails. That accumulated intelligence is shared real-time with all our clients worldwide, assuring timely protection against new threats.

Email Protection

Increased email continuity

An extra protective layer of email protection to your email flow and infrastructure adds redundancy and continuity to your email delivery process. When the destination mail server is unreachable, Spam Filter filtering systems queue inbound email.

Powerful email filtering and Protection

We use multilayered detection techniques, including reputation and content analysis, to help you defend against constantly evolving threats. With Email Protection, you get dynamic classification of a wide variety of emails. These include phishing, malware, BEC threats, bulk email, spam and more.

The Risks of Not Using Email Protection Services

In today’s digital landscape, email remains one of the primary communication tools for businesses. However, this also makes it a major target for cyber threats. Not using an email protection service like Proofpoint can leave your business vulnerable to a range of risks, which can have severe consequences.