New to Office 365?

An Introduction to Office Microsoft 365

If you’re new to Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365),  you may not be aware of the some of the additional benefits and services which you can leverage. This could save your Business time and money, solving issues which you might have had to pay for on other services.

Please see the features in the list below and click into them for more information.

You probably already know, but you get the latest Office software installable. It’s installable on your Windows, Mac, Tablet, Phone. You can install it on 5 computers (so long as they’re yours).

It’ll stay up to date and you’ll never have to buy Office again.

The installable Office suite includes:

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher (PC only), Access (PC only), Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, ToDo

Office Online is an added extra of the 365 plan. It gives you a web version of the most commonly used Office software including:

  • Outlook OWA (Outlook Web App)
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Whiteboard
  • Teams
  • Onenote
  • SharePoint

All of the above are accessible in most modern browers, on any modern PC or even most tablets and phones. You can open/save/use documents stored locally on that device or on OneDrive and SharePoint.

It’s great for when you’re jumping between devices or need to quickly get on somewhere new or a temporary location.


Professional, enterprise grade email facility. 50GB Mailbox, 150MB email attachments, online archive.

Email on all of your devices is fully synced, along with calendars, tasks, notes, contacts. You’ll also be able to share your contacts / calenders and more with other staff.

Especially useful in these times, Microsoft 365 gives you on-demand instant video conferencing for up to 250 participants. Includes facilities such as screen sharing, real-time note taking.

Instant messaging with Teams lets you send or receive information quickly and easily. It also allows one on one meetings with either audio or video (or both) calls. You can share screens to show/view presentations, reports and more.

SharePoint Online, including Team Sites.

With up to 25TB online storage, SharePoint online gives users plenty of space to store company documents long term.

Baseline storage is 1TB with each additional eligiable user addding another 500MB.

SharePoint Online offers automatic policies, built in protection, data retention, file version control.

Need multiple people to work on an Excel Spreadsheet at the same time? Store the document on SharePoint Online and they will be able to. You’ll even see each others selected cells in separate colours!

Ever wonder who changed a document? SharePoint online keeps a file version history with time/date stamps and the user who made the changes. The version control even lets you roll back the file to a previous time or restore a deleted file entirely.

Every user gets 1TB cloud storage for themselves. Other users cannot see this data unless it is explicitly shared with them.

This storage can be used to back up (and syncronise) computers – by default their Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders.

Files in OneDrive can be accessed from anywhere – even on phones and even offline when synced.

OneNote is the ultimate digital note taking platform. Available on all devices:

  • Phones (Android / Apple)
  • Tablets
  • PCs (both the full version and the Windows 10 version)
  • Macs

You can draw, insert photos, write anywhere, create tablets, insert and interact with spreadsheets. You can even attach a PDF and OneNote will be able to search the text of it – and can automatically scan and extract the text of the PDF for you if required.

Sections can be password protected, grouped for organisation and shared with multiple users. Users can access, edit and work on the same notes in real-time (you can literally see other people adding content on your screen).


Bookings gives you a fast and easy alternative to organising repetivive scheduling tasks. Almost everything is customisable – appointment details, booking requirements and you can even specify service providers in order to streamline the booking experience.

It’s all accessable in an easy to use webpage, usable on basically modern Internet capable device. Whether you’re a hair salon or in financial services, Bookings can help you.

Here’s an example of a Bookings page for financial services:

Or for a hair salon:

For more information, directly from Microsoft, about Bookings, see here:

You can even manage your staff time on Bookings – create a holidays or time off calendar that the Bookings can go directly in to. Staff can apply for time off on the Booking page directly for a manager to approve into the appropriate schedule or calendar.

If you want to get started with Bookings, or see what’s involved just navigate to

Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) is a modern, customisable and flexible automation service from Microsoft.

From simple (reply to emails in a formatted fashion) to complex (retreive attachments, process information, post to Teams channels) There’s not much that Automate can’t do – and not many services that Automate can’t integrate with.

There are just too many possibilities to list. Get in touch with your queries and we’ll assist however we can. We also offer Automate design as a service.

Microsoft Forms is a simple, concise tool that lets you create a form and collect responses.

Responses and feedback are collected and given in realtime and data can be even be presented in charts.

You can use Forms for feedback, surveys, applications, event organisation, quizzes, tests, polls and more.

Forms can also integrate with the formerly mentioned Power Automate, for more advanced cloud workflow processes.

Simple task management for businesses and teams.

Microsoft Planner

Planner lets you organise tasks into “buckets” – simply drag and drop. A task can have a process, checklist, status, colour, notes and be assigned to one or more people.

If you are assigned a task – that task even shows up in your own Microsoft Todo (if you have it installed / open of course!).

Each task has a history and the whole team can cooperate and collaborate, keeping organisation difficulties to a minimum.

How to get started with Microsoft Planner? Just navigate to

Microsoft To Do is the ultimate todo list manager, capable of managing all of your todo lists and even a daily todo list so you can plan your day.

You can create tasks directly in To Do but it also picks assigned tasks up from Microsoft Planner and even Flagged Emails or Tasks inside of Outlook!

From shopping lists to managing a busy company day, To Do can do it all.

You can get started with To Do in the following ways:

  • Navigate to
  • Download Microsoft Todo from the App or Play store – or whatever app store your phone / tablet has
  • Download Microsoft Todo from the Microsoft Store on a Windows 10 PC

StaffHub has been retired. It was previously built to help manage schedules – a purpose-built app for the Firstline Workforce.

Microsoft has now included Shifts inside of Microsoft Teams.

The Shifts app in Teams is a schedule management tool that keeps Firstline Workers connected and in sync. Managers create, update, and manage shift schedules for teams, and team members can view their schedules, see who else is scheduled for the day, request to swap or offer a shift, and request time off, all from their mobile devices.

PowerApps gets a bit more complicated.

PowerApps gives your organisation the ability to create it’s own apps – usable on iPhone/iPad, Android, PC, Mac. It can leverage, include and integrate with almost all of the other aspects and services of Microsoft / Office 365 – and a lot more external services too.

It can be used by both the technical and the layman – an app can be created with no coding at all. Microsoft’s definition of PowerApps is a “suite of apps, services, connectors and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment apps for your business needs.”

Whether you want to capture information, manage files, manage business flows, capture images or even use it as a full blown custom CRM – anything’s possible.

How to get started? Just navigate to